Pictures of Maryland Custom Swimming Pools


Welcome to our custom swimming pool photo gallery. Creative Land Design has designed and installed custom swimming pools since the late 1980s. Our expertise is not in installing formal, boxy, average style swimming pools. We are generally called upon when someone is looking for something unique, artistic, and for a pool that is part of the overall landscape.

Our general landscape design philosophy is to create landscape elements that blend together and create harmony. We believe the swimming pool should be one of those design elements. The pictures above of our custom pools will reveal different concepts within this philosophy.

Custom Maryland Poolscape Designs

Rocks and boulders and other landscape features often play an intricate role in our poolscape designs. Creating plant pockets within the pool deck, or having plantings flirt with the pool’s coping help to produce natural looking pools that blend into the landscape. The pool becomes a landscape focal point where all other features help blend the pool into it’s surroundings. Natural looking waterfalls are another way we enhance this effect. Pool houses, pavilion, outdoor kitchens, dive rocks, etc. are all elements that further tie the pool to the surrounding landscape.

Please click the following link to learn more about our custom pool features, and to see more custom pictures of beach entries & negative infinity edge pools. Thank you for browsing our swimming pool photos below.

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